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We are South Florida's premier baseball training and development team. Whether you are looking for individual, team, or league training, our team of experienced, baseball professionals can design a program to help players at any level.

Baseball Training Development Academy Davies Fl

South Florida's Premier Baseball Training

Where You Train to Stand Out

Led by former MLB player, Josias Manzanillo "Manzy", The Farm System provides you with professional baseball training and development to give you the skillset to stand out and the mindset to succeed. All programs are designed, personalized to fit any skill level, and supervised by Manzy himself.

Nowadays, we've expanded, grown, and offer the following training services:

Baseball Pitching Lessons Instruction Davies Fl

Pitching Lessons

From Bullpens, Velocity training, Pitching Techniques, Pitching Drills, Pitcher Mindset, and overall Pitcher Workouts. To this day, this is our main training.

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Baseball Batting Lessons The Farm System Broward Fl

Hitting Lessons

Hitting Approach, Hitting Techniques, Hitting Drills, Lower half Explosiveness and throwing the knob to the ball.

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Baseball Fielding Development Academy Davies Fl

Fielding Lessons

Fielding Footwork, Hand-eye Coordination, Working through the ball, Confidence approaching the ball, Fielding Backhands, and Turning Double Plays.

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Baseball Academies

We also provide Fall and Spring Baseball Academies

In Davie and Weston, Florida, we provide Fall and Spring academies that focus on fundamental baseball team training and development. Ages 6-12 years old. We can also hold exclusive little league baseball training for little leagues in the area to help little league players work on their skills.

Baseball Academies Weston Davies Florida

Need Team Training?

Our Team of Baseball Professionals Can Train Your Team or League

Pitching, Fielding, and Hitting. Come to our training area to work with your team. We have more flexibility being outdoors. Need League Training? We train players and coaches alike for Little Leagues and Babe Ruth Leagues. If your league is looking for training, let us know and we can develop baseball clinics to help with registration and player/coach development.

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League Testimonial

What Leagues Say About our Clinics

Manzy and his team did a great job keeping the kids engaged, having fun, and rubbing off their love of the game. Can't wait to have them over again next season

– Ava Maria Little League

Meet the coaches

Our Professional Baseball Coaches

Coach Josias "Manzy" Manzanillo

Former MLB Pitcher | Professional Baseball for 21 years | Owner of The Farm System | Training and Developing Players for 18 Years

Josias was born in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic – the country that produces the highest percentage of foreign-born MLB players. When he was 16 years old, a Red Sox scout told his mom he wanted to sign Josias. A few weeks after being signed, Josias called his mom telling her he wanted to go back… He did not know the language and did not have the right clothes for the weather. Josias's mom said, “you will only come back if you get released.” His mother's unwavering belief in her son and his ability gave him the inspiration he needed to push forward and never give up.

He spent many years in the minor leagues until he learned that, although physically capable to be in the Major Leagues, he had to learn that success comes only with the right mindset. On Oct 5, 1991, his debut was for the Boston Red Sox. He spent over 8 years at the Major League level and exceeded rookie limits during the 1994 season.

Pittsburg Pirates Josias Manzanillo Image
Baseball Fielding Development Academy Davies Fl

After 21 years of pitching professionally, he decided to dedicate his life to developing young players and teaching them the technical and mental aspects of the game. In 2003, he started teaching players and in 2011, Manzy and his wife Delmaris founded Manzy’s Pitching Farm, now known as The Farm System.

He teaches every day and continues to say that he played in Major League Baseball to do what he enjoys most…teaching kids. He is loved by his players and their parents for being a skilled coach and an amazing, caring mentor, and a Christ-follower.

MLB Pitching Coach

Train with with the Best

Led by former MLB player, Josias Manzanillo "Manzy", The Farm System provides you with professional baseball training and development to give you the skillset to stand out and the mindset to succeed. All programs are designed, personalized to fit any skill level, and supervised by Manzy himself.

How It All Started

From Humble Beginnings to South Florida's Premier Baseball Training Organization

In 2003, The Farm System, formerly known as Manzy's Pitching Farm, started with just Manzy in the Memorial Hospital West baseball training. He focused on teaching and training kids to gain confidence in pitching.

5 years later of lessons and continual growth, Manzy’s Pitching Farm was established and was exclusively providing pitching lessons that focused on technique, drills, bullpens, and mindset. However, a piece was missing: Manzy wanted to be outside and on the fields, as he felt he couldn’t fully develop players the same way indoors.

In 2012, Manzy relocated to Bamford Park in Davie where he built and developed a program to help players, specifically those at the beginner and intermediate levels. Manzy saw a need for full-scope player development and brought the opportunity to help the beginner to advanced level players who need these types of training. As time passed and his work became more well known, Manzy was contacted by different leagues to work with them and offer his expertise to the Board of Directors, coaches, and players.

Manzys Pitching Farm