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Pro Baseball Instruction

Start Your Baseball Journey Right

Start your baseball journey with a baseball training program professionally catered to your needs, by someone who knows first-hand what it takes to make it to the highest level of baseball.

Baseball Pitching Lessons

Personalized Baseball
Pitching Lessons

We work with your athlete to help develop their progress through repetition, guidance, drills, and strength training. Through this process, we help your athlete understand what his/her body is doing, and where each part needs to be, to efficiently sequence the body's kinetic chain, which helps to generate maximum velocity and arm care.

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Pro Baseball Instruction

Personalized Baseball
Batting Lessons

Through repetition and drills, we help your athlete to develop his/her strength, approach to the ball, bat speed, and hitting to all sides of the field.

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Baseball Instruction

Personalized Baseball
Fielding Lessons

Both infield and outfield lessons start with repetition to help your athlete get used to reading the ball, learning the proper techniques to field the ball, and positioning to throw the ball.

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Baseball Rehabilitation Program

Personalized Rehab Pitching Program

Through our rehabilitation program, Josias "Manzy" Manzanillo creates a custom rehabilitation program catered to your athlete; he identifies the issue and works with your athlete to help strengthen the area, reestablish confidence and help them through the process of getting back to baseball activities.

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Our Founder

A word from Manzy

You would never expect someone with no musical training to play proficiently in an orchestra, then why would you expect baseball players to play skillfully without proper baseball training?

– Josias "Manzy" Manzanillo - Ex MLB Player

Our Philosophy

Gain the skills to stand out
and the mindset to succeed

Many players today have a goal they want to achieve, but when presented with the opportunity to compete, they don’t have the right training, development, or mindset to succeed. As a result, this could cause the player to feel as if they are not good enough, which then creates a limiting mindset that holds them back from reaching their full potential.

But the truth is...

Players should not accept this outcome as a reality because the lack of training and the reframing of the mind are all challenges that can be overcome with the proper system. You can achieve the peak of your natural potential. You can achieve your goal. You can be successful... Especially when the most probable thing is that their mindset is the only thing limiting them from reaching the peak of their natural ability.

The Farm System provides professional training and development that gives you the skill set to stand out and the mindset to succeed.