Baseball Rehabilitation

Get Back Stronger with our Pitching Rehab Program

Baseball Injury Rehabilitation Davie Fl

Baseball Rebab Program

We believe steady and productive, equals success

Our pitching rehabilitation program immediately accelerates your player's overall pitching performance.

Here are some of the things we will focus on during our pitching lessons:

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Arm Care

We want to identify and correct the cause of the injury and instill the proper pitching mechanics and routines to ensure the arm stays healthy and strong.

Arm Conditioning

We want to create a pre and post-arm care routine that starts with strengthening exercises to ensure the arm is properly developed and also instill an after-pitching routine to properly flush the arm and relieve any arm soreness.

Proper Mechanics

Proper pitching mechanics will ensure no excessive stress is added to the arm. Our goal is to develop the legs, synchronize what the bottom half is doing, efficiently transfer that to the upper half, and maximize the force behind the baseball.

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If you've never trained with us, your first pitching lesson is a free evaluation

Single Session


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A single rehab session with one of our professional trainers

8 Sessions


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An 8 session rehab program with one of our professional trainers

12 Lessons


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An 12 session rehab program with one of our professional trainers

Rehab Testimonial

What Our Players Say

I've been with Manzy since I was 9 years old, and if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be pitching right now. He's helped me so much with my mechanics, my control, my mindset - honestly I have nothing but amazing things to say about him and his team!

– Jared, "JJ" C. - Rehabilitated Pitcher

Our Philosophy

Why is proper rehabilitation important?

Needing a throwing program can be scary in the journey of a developing athlete. Oftentimes, this fear comes from the stigma of not being able to compete as strongly after coming back from an injury. ⁣

But the truth is...

A throwing program does not mean that your development has stopped. On the contrary, athletes usually come back stronger after rehabilitation. ⁣

The Farm System specializes in helping players build and strengthen their arms, whether it’s due to an injury or inactivity, while also ensuring that the progress is steady, productive, and successful!

A throwing program will help your arm get back into shape and reduce your chances of having any further injuries.

MLB Instructor

Train with someone who knows what it takes to compete at the highest level

Led by former MLB player, Josias Manzanillo "Manzy", The Farm System provides you with professional baseball training and development to give you the skillset to stand out and the mindset to succeed. Our baseball rehabilitation program is designed, and personalized to meet your needs and injury, and supervised by Manzy himself.

Josias Manzanillo The Farm System Mlb Pitching Coach Davie Fl