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Baseball Batting Lessons Broward Florida

Hitting Instruction

We provide individual hitting training as well as team hitting sessions.

Our hitting lessons are designed to immediately accelerate your player's overall hitting performance.

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Here are some of the things we will focus on during our baseball hitting lesson:

Knob to the ball

The concept of keeping the hand close to your body or staying connected through your swing by bringing the bats knob through the ball and letting the bat barrel naturally swing through the ball path helps us make better contact.

Staying balanced

We don't want to lunge at the ball or shift all of our weight over the plate; these stances will take our body's momentum and force away and cause us only to use our arm strength. Staying balanced will help us see the ball better and make solid contact.

Working from the ground up

The concept of syncing up what the bottom half of our bodies is doing to our upper half is also true regarding hitting. Our legs play a big role in hitting and learning how to transfer the momentum your legs generate to your hands is our main focus.

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A single hitting lesson with one of our professional trainers

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A package of 4 hitting lessons with our professional coaches

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A package of 8 hitting lessons with our professional coaches

MLB Coach

Get Coached by someone who knows what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Led by former MLB player Josias "Manzy" Manzanillo, The Farm Systems offers professional baseball training and development to give you the exceptional skills and mindset to succeed. All programs are designed, customized to suit all skill levels, and supervised by Manzy himself.

Josias Manzanillo The Farm System Mlb Pitching Coach Davie Fl

Baseball Hitting Instruction

Baseball Hitting Drills

Watch some of the action during some of our baseball hitting practice drills. All drills are designed to teach proper techniques and advance the hitter.