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Pitching Instruction

We provide individual pitching training as well as team pitching training

Our pitching lessons are designed to immediately accelerate your player's overall pitching performance.

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Here are some of the things we will focus on during our baseball pitching lesson:

Pitching Mechanics

The work's core is to teach and repeat proper pitching mechanics. Learning the proper movements to generate through the legs and maximize the force behind the baseball.

Body Synchronization

Our main focus is to synchronize what the upper half is doing with what the bottom half is doing. Only then will we be able to utilize the full force of the windup.

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Pitching Mechanics

Work with Someone Who Understands the intricacies of Pitching Mechanics.

Pitching Mechanics

1. Hip and Shoulder Separation

Developing the ability to separate the hip and shoulder is critical. This skill aids in landing in a more closed position, transferring force from the legs to the arm and, ultimately, to the ball. While mobility of the hips and spine is crucial for developing separation, core stability is equally essential for controlling mobility. Some young people have no trouble achieving separation but struggle with core control.

Pitching Mechanics

2. Linear and Rotational Power

To enhance the performance of baseball pitchers, it is crucial to focus on developing their linear and rotational power. While the body has inherent strength while moving forward and back, it is comparatively weaker when moving sideways and rotationally. Therefore, developing linear and rotational power through proper training techniques is crucial.

Pitching Mechanics

3. Lower Body Drive

Once proper trunk separation is established and the linear and rotational power of the lower half and core are developed, the focus can shift towards developing lower body drive and intent while pitching down the mound. This process will naturally increase stride length and help with landing in a more closed position. It's surprising how many young baseball pitchers rely solely on their arms and neglect their lower half.

MLB Pitching Coach

Train with someone who knows what it takes to compete at the highest level

Led by former MLB player, Josias Manzanillo "Manzy", The Farm System provides you with professional baseball training and development to give you the skillset to stand out and the mindset to succeed. All programs are designed, personalized to fit any skill level, and supervised by Manzy himself.

Josias Manzanillo The Farm System Mlb Pitching Coach Davie Fl

Our Pitching Philosophy

Perform at the peak of their natural potential

Whether you're a player or the parent of a player, you understand that the level of competition in the game of baseball is increasing day by day. Many have dreams to make it to the next level, but in reality, only a few know the sacrifice and hard work it takes.

Here's the problem...

Unfortunately, it has become way too common that a player is presented the opportunity to compete but struggles compared to the competition. This mainly occurs because they weren't prepared with the right training, development, nor mindset to win. And as a result of this, players could feel as if they are not good enough, which then creates a limiting mindset that holds them back from reaching their full potential.

Now here's the truth...

A player's development is a progressive journey, but they deserve to have the tools, resources, and training that takes them to always perform at the peak of their natural potential!

The Farm System provides professional training and development that gives you the skill set to stand out and the mindset to succeed.

Baseball Pitching Instruction

Baseball Pitching Drills

Watch us in action during some of our baseball pitching lessons, where we run the athletes through several pitching drills to help develop a solid pitching foundation to help develop arm strength, control, power and mindset.