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Pitching Instruction

We provide individual fielding training as well as team fielding training.

Our baseball fielding lessons are designed to immediately accelerate your player's overall outfield and infield performance.

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Here are some of the things we will focus on during our baseball fielding lesson:


Plenty of repetition of groundballs will help our fielders track the ball and learn the proper breakdowns to field the ball properly, use their hands to secure and transfer the ball correctly and finally gain confidence fielding the ball.


We will work on approaching the ball, proper footwork to field the ball, and finally creating momentum through the ball to make a strong and fluent throw.

Scoops and Picking the ball

Reading bounces is the key to success. We will work through long hops and short hops as well as identify in-between hops to teach the fielder how to approach and handle each.

Double Plays

We will practice everything from, positioning, to throws, tosses, communication, and the process of turning the double play.

Holding runners

We will work with a pitcher and catcher on how to properly hold a runner at every base. We will also practice advanced holding techniques as well as pick-off plays to develop our fielders to keep our runners close, but also how to pick them off.


From high popups in the infield to tracking down towering fly balls in the outfield, we want to provide lots of repetition to develop the proper footwork and tracking abilities to ensure flyball outs.

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